Vali + Paolo Wedding Day

A couple of great friends of ours got married in Liguria few weeks ago, in a perfect, sunny afternoon of July.
Valentina and Paolo are a gorgeous couple and everything has been absolutely beautiful. They were so happy and moved, surrounded by all the people they love, friends and relatives, who loved them as well. The good and positive energy of their wedding day was almost palpable, perfectly drew in their smiles, hugs and tears of joy.
And the location… Who can resist to the view of the ligurian coast with this deep-blue sea?
After this wedding I realized that everything told by professional wedding photographers is true: nothing is comparable to taking pictures of a wedding day, because, no matter of the location, the bride and the groom, a wedding day is always and deeply full of love, beauty and happiness.
I was not the official photographer – of course – but I’m quite proud of the result, because everything was perfect – the weather, the location, the light, the party – and it has been so natural to catch the beauty of those moments, with as more details as possible.
I think that the love and the friendship that I feel for this couple is quite visible in following pictures.
I really hope you’ll like them!

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