Under the Sea

I went to Amsterdam two months ago for a really exciting weekend: my friend Mariacaterina and I were invited to addending as official photographers to the Under the Sea event, which is one of the most important seasonal fashion event held by the European Gothic Lolita Community.
If you don’t know a thing about the Gothic Lolita community I suggest you to check some information online: they’re a great community of every age, gender, nationality who love fashion – in particular japanese street fashion from the Harajuku district.
They’re NOT cosplayers, by the way.
These girls – and boys – are amazing and so inspiring.
Have a look at their outfits! Some of them are bought from many brands all over the world, but I met many attendans who handmade them.
They came to Amsterdam from many countries of Europe, USA and Asia as well.
The event was amazing, full of great energy and good vibes. The location – the The Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam – was so elegant and classy, everyone was so kind and beautiful. It’s been a great pleasure for us to take so many pictures of them.
I have to say that taking pictures and portrait for almost 10 hours was pretty challenging – and the indoor light condition of the fashion show wasn’t the kind I am used to, but the result was nice anyway – but it’s been a great opportunity for us to make experience, to meet new people and make new friends. I’m so glad and honoured by the opportunity given to me to increase my skills as a photographer.
One of my favorite moments has been when I had the chance to photograph the backstage of Mamechiyo Modern atelier. Mamechiyo is a brilliant japanese fashion designer and she presented some amazing outfit of traditional japanese kimonos. Watching how long it takes to put on a kimono and and how many details are worth of attention during the dress up is really emotional.
It is like a sacred ceremony, like many things in the japanese tradition indeed.
So, you can imagine how many pictures I took during this day – at least one thousand more or less – and how much difficult is for me to make a selection for this post!!!
Following pictures are a really small selection of the whole batch, and you can find more and more of them – and of many attendands, the outfits with spectacular details, the opening talk with all the amazing VIP like Mamechiyo, Kimura U, Akira, Ayumi Watanabe and Mariko Suzukiand the interviews with them, the charming location, the three fashion shows, the final ruffle and goodbye time – on our Facebook Page: C0re2Photography.
Enjoy them!!!



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