The Great Migration

Each year around the same time, the circular great wildebeest migration begins in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area of the southern Serengeti in Tanzania. We planned our honeymoon in fall season hoping to have chance to attend at at least one Mara river crossing… And we succeeded!!! Looking for a wildebeests crossing is a matter of … More The Great Migration

Cheetah’s Playground

After seven days of safari you should think that you have seen almost everything, because you have already seen during past days bunch of lions, elephants, gnus, zebras, hyenas, antelopes, warthogs, hippos, leopards, and much more animal species that I actually don’t remember their names. So, you may think that the last safari day before moving … More Cheetah’s Playground

Approaching Mara River

Following pictures describe perfectly our getting close to our very last destination in North of Serengeti: two days looking for the great migration of gnus along the Mara river. It was a breathtaking and exciting experience, as always has been during our safari. These pictures just speak for themselves: enjoy them!!!

North of Serengeti

We travelled to Tanzania for visiting the National Parks during our honeymoon, less than four months ago. Safari trip was a huge and emotional experience: you spend all the day moving with your guides across the park, discovering and admiring wild life and infinite landscape, from sunrise to sundown. You stop only to have some … More North of Serengeti