Postcards from Dresden

It’s been a looooong time since my last update in this blog.
A lot of things have happened in the meantime, and my free time to dedicate to photography and my passions has been reduced to am historical minimum. Even the chances to travel have been incredibly reduced, not only due to the Covid-19 pandemic: no matter how determined I’ve always been to travel even with a small child, sometimes it is much more relaxing to stay at home than to leave for the weekend; sometimes travelling is like much more stress, but away from home, which sometimes is so bloody frustrating. This was a shocking revelation for me, and very difficult to accept as a “hopeless wanderer”.

Anyway, despite the little time, I’m still taking pictures with my beloved Nikon D750 and as soon as we’ve been able to travel out of town after the lockdown, we went to Dresden for one night in mid-June.

I would like to remark a real life thing: traveling with a toddler is much more complicated than traveling with a newborn (taking pictures is super difficult too XD), especially if the toddler – although Gabriele is absolutely adorable and exceptional, is passionate about all the news he encounters, which is wonderful beyond any expectations – approaches the terrible twos with equal enthusiasm and stubbornness. It’s challenging, not impossible, but is challenging as hell!

Anyway we were able to decently visit the historic center and other parts of the city, which after being practically razed to the ground during the bombing of the Second World War and the old town (innere altstadt) was rebuilt only after the reunification of Germany. Today Dresden appears as a delightful and very different gem from the charming dissonance of Berlin various styles. I had almost forgotten what it means to walk in a historic center (since Berlin does not have any, but I grew up in a Tuscan town with a nice medieval historic center) and although Luca says it is quite uncanny that everything is rebuilt so well that it is you can guess that it is not really “true”, I must say that the baroque style, the pastel colors of the squares and the beautiful park we visited on Sunday morning (parks are always a good solution for a super active toddler!) are a joy for the eyes.

Next time I would like to stay more in the area: I have already aimed at the beautiful Moritzburg Castle nearby and everyone says that you have to visit the so-called Saxon Switzerland at least once in your life. So yeah, thumbs up to Dresden for a family style weekend train ride from Berlin, and we’ll be back to visit soon!

P.S. The pictures of Luca and Gabri together are everything <3

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