Fall in Berlin – Part 1

Fall is my favorite season – everyone who knows me even a little knows that. So here I am, in a new city, with a baby boy of two months – almost three – who loves to wandering as much as I do and still I’ve got a lot to discover of Berlin. No matter of the baby pram to carry around – very handy indeed – the past two weeks have been the perfect time to enjoy the last sunny days with a golden light and a lot of urban nature with everyday changing colors from green to yellow, from yellow to orange, from orange to red… Berlin is even more charming under the struggling fall light. My baby boy is going to learn very quickly that his mum will be always taking pictures wherever she’ll find some kind of beauty. I hope he’ll start to look at the world with surprise as soon as possible. My baby boy… There’s still so much beauty in this sick sad world, there’s so much grace and astonishment if you’ll dare to look carefully, if you’ll dare to believe that there will be always some kind of beauty in the dissonance, between the balance of the opposites, between darkness and light.

Enjoy fall! Enjoy all the pics!!!

P.S. Yes, I’m quite obsessed with the Fernsethurm aka the TV Tower of former East Berlin in Alexanderplatz. I absolutely love when I spot this tower in the middle of the city.

Fernsehturm from Friedrichshain

A nice church in Friedrichshain

Volkspark Friedrichshain

Mitte and Museums Island

Fernsehturm – again!!!

And again!

Fernsehturm from Mitte

Golden light in Mitte

Hackescher Höfe – one of my fav spot in Mitte. Berlin is a city of hidden treasures, hidden gems, just like many nice courtyards beyond a closed door.

Nice german traditional restaurant in Mitte

Prenzlauer Berg – the hipster district

Mariendorf – Berlin southern suburbs

Here I am, brand new bear mama with a super cool hat

And there is Luca with the super handy baby pram

Do you know? Every leaf is a flower in autumn!

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