Spring in Milano 2018

Spring in Milano is stunning as always.
This time I couldn’t take pictures of the sakura trees in Assago because the company I’m working for has moved to a very depressing area of the city but I had finally the chance to visit Piazza Tommaseo during magnolia’s peak flowering days, which has been in my “shooting wishlist” since years. The weather forecasts for that day were terrible – with a lot of rain and clouds – but I was so lucky – and a bit crazy – to decide to go and take pictures anyway. It was so worth it!
I felt so blessed to participate to all this beauty that I almost started to cry of joy. As you can see, the light was changing very quickly during the shooting time – less than 15 minutes – so you can appreciate same the view of the square, trees and buildings with different tones and colors.
Moreover I reached out to take few pictures of the magnolia trees close to the cathedral in a sunny day: the flowering season is close to the end now but it’s charming anyway. Enjoy the pics!


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