10 Things to do in 1 day in Trieste

Before starting to write this post I was asking myself: is it possible to appreciate the vibes of a new city in less than 48 hours? Quite a challenge, isn’t it?
Trieste is a nice answer for question like that!
Actually you have to focus on what you appreciate of a city – in our case it’s a bit of culture, a bit of history, a bit of architecture, a bit of wandering, a bit of food and and a bit of chilling out.
In just one day in Trieste we did all these activities and we saved time to relax and enjoy the sunset view before dinner.
Actually my husband and I never get up late – even while travelling – and after many years we’re quite good in optimizing time and planning our vacations.

So I’m going to make a REAL list of 10 things to do in one day in Trieste – a little bit different from my past post but sometimes I need to try something new…

1 – Have a relaxing walk along the Canale Grande – and if the weather isn’t sunny don’t complain because Trieste is really charming with cold, almost northern, light.

2 – Get lost in the historical centre – and appreciate the beautiful mixture of Venetian and Austro-Hungarian architecture.

3 – Walk up the San Giusto Castle and enjoy the coastline view – we also had the chance to visit a beautiful and emotional exhibition of Robert Capa in the castle’s museum about documentary photography in Italy during WWII.

4 – Do what local people do – for example have a Spritz before lunch in a nice square.

5 – Have a delicious lunch at Salumare – very tasty fish dishes in a super-cool place.

Luca in vacation mood: happily relaxed and full of food.

6 – Enjoy the beauty of Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia – and have a delicious coffee or dessert at Caffé degli Specchi.

7 – Visit Miramare Castle, including the museum, the park and its surroundings and imagine to live in 19th century like a heir to theAustro-Hungarian empire.

8 – Wait until sunset on the seafront – and take a lot of pictures with a beautiful light.

9 – Have dinner at Tavernetta al Molo – sorry I’ve no pictures but the food was really worth it! Enjoy a picture from the coastline before sundown instead :P


10 – Enjoy a bit of night life – Trieste is full of life and events, you only have to look around, choose one of the many bars, order something to drink and appreciate the nice breeze coming from the sea – even in summer!

Of course there are more things to do in Trieste: someone suggested me a guided tour od Trieste’s undergrounds, and there are many activities to do outside the city like hiking the Strada Napoleonica, discover the Carso Triestino (Karst Plateau) or visiting the Grotta Gigante, so maybe it’s possible to spend an entire weekend there and never get annoyed!

Moreover you can find more pictures of Trieste in previous post!

Our suggestion for food in Trieste and surroundings:
Salumare – tasty food, cool design and daily caught fresh fish.
Caffé degli Specchi – desserts or a café with an amazing view of the city.
Tavernetta al Molo – family owned fish tavern for a perfect dinner after visiting Miramare castle
Pep’s café – convenient drinks or a glass of wine while listening live music near Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia.
Bier Stube – yummy dinner with local specialities, beer and tasty stuffed pork knee.

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