Leaving Vancouver

Very belated post about our Canada + Alaska tour from summer 2016. Actually I’ve got a lot of pictures to share about the second part of our journey and I’d like to publish them before next summer vacation. I’ve already shared many pics about Vancouver and British Columbia – you can find them there – and now I’ll continue with the cruise across the islands and fjords of southern Alaska. Sometimes people ask me why my husband and I have decided to travel by cruise in both Alaskan and Norvegian fjords (this one in summer 2012) – given that we are the kind of travellers that can’t suffer crowded areas and many tourists. The main reason is that booking a cruise in advance is very convenient if you want to travel in very expensive countries like Alaska and Norway; in this way you don’t have to rent a car and to pay for petrol, you have a full-inclusive service with high standards in places where is really expensive to stay overnight, eat and drink. Moreover if you are smart enough to plan by yourself all the off-shore activities, you can discover a lot of beautiful places far from the more touristic areas. For example this year we went hiking on a glacier, we discovered the beauty of temperate rainforest with american native guides and we enjoyed the wilderness of Yukon state. Another reason is that I really love travelling by sea and everytime we’re on a cruise I feel like a spoiled princess. So you can imagine how excited I was when we finally arrived on board: I started enjoying the cruise immediately while we’re waiting to depart from the Vancouver harbour. Leaving Vancouveer was a bit sad because we really loved our stay but sailing to Alaska giving a last look to the Waterfront and Stanley Park was the best way to saying goodbye to this amazing city.

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