Milano Pride Parade 2017

Yesterday my brother and I attended the Milano Pride Parade for the very first time together. It’s been a great honor for me to participate with my little bro who courageously came out as gay some years ago. I’m really proud of him for all the things he went through in past years: he’s a strong, beautiful, passionate, smart and independent young man. He’ll always have all my support and respect because he decided to not hide himself and to face the truth, even when it was so difficult, even when (so called) friends and some relatives begin to disapprove him. Luckily he didn’t care and he finally started to live and enjoy his pure nature. I really wish him all the best in life, lots of love first. Being together at the parade has been really fun and moving: I had the chance to take many pictures of all these cheerful, loving, beautiful and colorful people… How can be possible that many people in the world still believe that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – whatever is different from heterosexual – is something wrong? How can these bigots think that LGBT people don’t deserve to have same rights and dignity, to get married, to have a family and children?
Love is love, no matter of.

Enjoy all the pics!!!


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