Helsinki day 2

It’s been a long time since my first Helsinki post but I’d like to keep sharing all these precious memories from last winter, so… Let’s continue with our second day in this beautiful city, when we visited the Temppeliaukio Church and walked a lot – as usual – along the northern districts of Helsinki.

Morning light in Helsinki at almost 11am. I know: it’s really crazy how much dark the sky can be.

Actually we expected another cloudy day – and we’re prepared to the worst weather conditions – but… Surprise! Here comes the sun!
It lasted few minutes but it was really stunning.

Temppeliaukio Church, that is more similar to a concert hall than to a cathedral – and where classical music concerts take frequently place. The church is circular and enclosed by walls of bare rock, while the ceiling is a giant disc made of copper wire. It’s really impressive both inside and outside.

After visiting Temppeliaukio we went literally wandering along the north-west districts of Helsinki. We do love walkind without a clear destination and getting lost in new places: I think this is the best way to discover a city, especially if you prefer to avoid crowded places.

It seems like a small lake but this is part of the Töölönlahti Bay. And guess what? It’s frozen.

The water on the bay iced over, as you can see by the stones thrown on the surface to test it – even by us. It was really fun indeed.


Luca feeding ducks near the iced bay.

A view of the pretty houses on the other side of the park.

The winter garden, which was unfortunately closed; but I peeked into it and it seemed to be really lovely with a lot of tropical plants.

Then we followed the popular walking path circling the bay, discovering some beautiful houses and villas.
This house seemed to be abandoned but it wasn’t at all. Pretty creepy at first sight, isn’t it?

Lovely wooden villas – with super cute doll-houses and private saunas. This part of Helsinki is really picturesque and it was worth the long walk.

Here we are, frozen but happy!!!

After the long walk we returned to the city centre looking for food; I liked so much these statues on the train station’s building.

Quick, warm and delicious lunch at the Old Market. It was worth the price.

Shopping at Christmas market.

A tasty tea and cupcakes at Frangipani Bakery – because wintry weather and low temperatures makes me hungry basically everytime.

More pics of the Senate square.

Super cute Moomin shop.

We met our friends in the late afternoon and we went to Steam Helsinki pub for a drink, which is one of the most famous steampunk bars in the world.

After the most expensive vodka shot ever at Aki Kaurismaki’s Café Mockba and some convenient and tasy indian food for dinner we had the night cup at 100 Dogs – our favorite Helsinki bar so far.

Next post will about our excursion to Seurasaari island… Stay tuned!!!

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