February in Rome

It’s been a long time since last post on my blog but I’ve been really busy lately with work and other activities so I’ve got no time for that – and I’m so sorry because I’ve got a lot of pictures to share.
Let’s start with a sunny and beautiful weekend in Rome . We’ve been visiting our friends Virginia and Simone last February – and we’ll be back soon in May. We had so much fun hanging around this amazing city and we ate a lot of tasty food as well.

First time visiting the Pantheon: simply amazing!

Piazza Navona.

A candid portrait of Virginia.

A lot of climbing plants – i adore them!

In love with this clean light.

Pretty views of authentic Rome.

Luca was really charmed by this city.

More alleys and warm colours.

Virginia and Simone.


Luca and – obviously – a cold beer.

Zum Tiramisù – where you can eat one of the most delicious tiramisù on Earth.

Giordano Bruno’s statue.

Luca and his new sunglasses. You can spot me taking these pictures on the lenses.

Virginia my dear.

Meanwhile everywhere else in the world February means winter, in Rome you can see mimosas flowering instead.

Tevere river.

Eating super delicious pizza while walking.

Our sunday lunch at Birra e Sale: yummy food and tasty beers… Perfection!

We’re looking forward to come back soon in May!!!

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