A Getaway in Tuscany

I was born in Tuscany, Italy. But my husband and I live in Milan.
Recently we decided to spend some relaxing days of vacation at my parent’s house so finally I had the chance to show him some of my favorite places of this amazing region of Italy.
The weather was crazy and unpredictable during those days, and we had a lot of rain and clouds on our first day while we were visiting Siena and some regions nearby – including San Galgano abbey ruins.
The countryside near Siena was even more charming with those weather conditions: it seemed Scotland or Ireland, instead of Tuscany!
On our second day we went to Florence, which is obviously amazing, and you can feel the history just walking along the historical centre, but it’s too much crowded by tourists in my personal opinion. Anyway the view from Piazzale Michelangelo terrace is breathtaking, and it’s possible to visit a beautiful rose garden nearby for free, which contains a small japanese gardend donated by the city of Kyoto. Last, but not least, we had a delicious lunch at San Lorenzo market too!
Enjoy all the pics!

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