Life According To Gezelligheid – Amsterdam 2016

Amsterdam is one of the cities that I love most.
I’ve been there three times in the past five years and I just can’t get enough!
It’s the kind of city where everytime I feel like home in right time of arrival from the airport to the main railway station.
I love Amsterdam even if it’s raining. Now you can imagine how much I loved this city last month when we spent a whole weekend and there was a shining sun and really warm temperatures.
Amsterdam with sunny weather is… Life according to Gezelligheid.
As you can read on Wikipedia, Gezelligheid can be translated as convivial, cosy, fun, or nice atmosphere, but can also connotes belonging, time spent with loved ones, the fact of seeing a friend after a long absence, or general togetherness that gives a warm feeling.
Gezelligheid is a sensation of well-being shared with the others, and involves a positive atmosphere and vibes. Gezelligheid means to stay relaxed, to have good time with friends and relatives, to enjoy the good season along the streets and living outdoor.
And this is exactly what I tried to capture in these pictures!
Enjoy them!!!

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