Super Fun Weekend in Rome

We’ve been in Rome a few weeks ago for a long, relaxing, weekend with two couples of good friends. Our plan was to have fun, eat a lot of food and enjoy the beauty of this eternal city. And we did exactly all of that!
Rome is obviously beautiful and you only have to walk and wandering around to admire gorgeous historical buildings and national monuments. History simply surrounds you. Then, you only have to look around to enjoy great food as well. Moreover our friends have been the perfect hosts and travel guides, because the best way to visit Rome is with locals: you’ll fall in love with both city and people in just one second.
On friday we had a pleasant walk from Cola di Rienzo to Castel Sant’Angelo and back – and we had the chance to buy some good stuff at Castroni’s. Then we had homemade pizza party and drink a lot of great handicraft beer.
On saturday we went visiting the Fori Imperiali and we had lunch at the well know Romeow Cat Bistro, which is a delicious, small, vegan restaurant where several cats live into and interact with people. This is such a cool place, the owners are so kind and lovely, and the food is so yummy as well! You couldn’t believe that those yummy cakes are completely lactose and gluten free! They’re unbelievable!
We ate some traditional food at dinner too: amatriciana and cacio&pepe pasta. What more?
On sunday we went walk near the Corso and the Trevi Fountain and we had lunch at Bonci’s Pizzarium: it is a bakery specialized in pizza and focaccia bread filled with almost everything. We returned home on late afternoon… But we’re already dreaming to come back soon!
Enjoy all the pics – some of them have been taken with my Nikon camera, other with my iPhone!

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