Haru No Yuki – Hanami 2016

I’ve been collecting so many pictures during first days of springtime in Milano.
This city becomes really charming in few days: there are many flowering trees along the streets, in public and private gardens, and the whole city seems really different.
I remember clearly the first time I realized that I was falling in love with Milano: it was during my first spring season I was living there in 2011.
If you think that Milano is a sad and monochromatic city, full of traffic, rushed people, and grey buildins, maybe you haven’t had the chance to spend some valuable time wandering along alleys and streets during some struggling seasons like autumn or spring.
Take a chance on this amazing city! Believe me!
Some of following pictures have been taken in my favorites part of Milano; I took others not so far from our house, where I found this amazing flowering tree in a dirty and neglected car parking. Many of them have been taken in the park near my workplace during lunch break. Those trees were full of bees looking for food and I couldn’t help but taking some pictures of these beautiful insects as well.
If someone may ask me to write a personal happiness to-do list, I actually think that taking pictures in the early morning before work or during lunch break could be one of my favourites.
Beacause beauty is everywhere, if you look carefully around you. And if you’ll find beauty, this feeling will sure fill into your heart good vibes and happiness.
Enjoy all of them!

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