Kyoto Day 4 – Part 2 – Fushimi Inari Taisha

Fushimi Inari Taisha is one of the most charming places I’ve ever visited on Earth.
It’s a huge shintoist shrine dedicated to the fox goddess of Inari and its most enchanting part includes trails up to the mountain to many smaller shrines and ritual cemeteries. This pathway take place on a forest of tropical plants and trees – some of them are maples too – and it is made by thousand of red torii doors.
I totally respect oriental religions and I have the chance to appreciate how japanese people are devoted to buddhism and shintoism both. It seems like that buddhism is the way of the mind and rationality, just like shintoism is the way of the heart and nature. I have to admit that have a weakness for shintoism: I especially appreciate how it focuses on the form of deity in nature. Everything that is beautiful and useful for the circle of life, the contemplation of nature in all its forms, is expression of pure goddess. And I really fascinated by the idea that your whorty forefathers are like benevolent spirits after death that protect the family generation after generation.
To cut a long story short: Fushimi Inari is a must see in Kyoto, and if you don’t want to loose more than a half of its religious and mystical power, you have to walk up to the top of the shrine – it takes approximately 2 hours – and then you’ll realize that it is totally worth. Even if you are around since early morning and you are quite tired.
On the midpoint of the climb you can appreciate a beautiful view of Kyoto city from above at before sunset.
Moreover, between the railway station and the shrine’s entrance, you can find many stands with pretty souvenirs like wind chimes or good-luck charms and delicious traditional street-food… What else?
Yes, there is something left: Kyoto at dusk is as stunning as during the night.
We had dinner in Ponto-cho as usual in a funny place that serve only skewers of any kind: meat, chicken, pork, bacon, vegetables, eggs, fish. Everything was so yummy!
Enjoy the pics!

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