Kyoto Day 4 – Part 1 – Ohara

After some days of unstable weather finally came the sun on the forth day of our Momijigari tour.
Following the advice of a good friend, we decided to visit Ohara, which is a countryside village in the northern part of Kyoto and it is easily accessible by public transportation from the Kyoto main station within an hour.
Ohara is particulary charming during fall and foliage season because there are many maple and ginko biloba trees – actually the greatest number of trees in peek season at all, amazing and immaculate mountains sceneries and it is not so crowded by tourists. Moreover, we adore the japanese countryside since we had been in Nakasendo valley in 2013. So you can image how much we loved to spend the morning walking and relaxing in this place, visiting Sanzen-in and Jikko-in buddhist temples, walking alongside a typical culinary and handcrafts market, and finally having lunch in a very traditional tavern where I ate the less expensive and most delicious vegetarian soba noodles in broth of my life.
I have to spend few words about japanese countryside and rural areas: they’re so natural and simple. If you have the chance to visit Japan, they are a must see because there, side by side the rice fields, , far away from hurried cities and modern skyscrapers, you can live the true japanese experience and touch the spirit of a more ancient Japan, maybe staying a night in a traditional house: the ryokan.
After Ohara we went visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine until late afternoon, but I took so much pictures of Ohara’s wonderful nature and trees that I’ll publish soon another post about it.
Enjoy the pics!!!

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