Zen + Macro

I think that taking pictures with macro lens is like a Zen lesson.
I usually take pictures in a instinctive way, by choosing to photograph whatever meets the eye with its beauty, taking many shoots and selecting them at a later time.
I’m really a spontaneous amateur photograph, and I usually prefer 18-105mm lenses most the time because this kind of lens are useful for different focal length shoots.
Taking pictures with macro lenses is completely different. You have to shoot in a more “static” way and – in my humble opinion – pay more attention to light and focus if you want to take a good picture. This time I used also a tripod and a remote controller for take a shot, in order to try a more “professional” way to take picture.
Actually this has been a peculiar experience for me, and it challenged me a lot. But it has been very interesting and training as well.
It has been quite spiritual too. It has been like a personal way to meditation.
Macro lenses force you to be patient and still. You have to calm your breathe and proceed with slight movements to adjust focus on the subject.
You have to be careful with the way natural light touches the flower, its petals and the waterdrops on them – in my particular case.
For me, it’s one of the most relaxing activities in the world, just like doing yoga or meditate.
And you can catch the highest beauty of life as well.

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