Arthur’s Seat and Farewell to Scotland

I’ve got a personal quote that I repeat to myself everytime that a journey ends.
If you want to travel again, you have to come back home first.
And then plan another trip!
So, this is the last post about our Highlands road-trip and I decided to dedicate it to my favorite spot in Edinburgh – Arthur’s Seat – and how looks charming this city at sundown and when night’s approaching.
The Seat is in fact a mountain placed in the middle of Edinburgh and it is quite a challenge to climb to the top after a long day of walking and visiting the city. But it was really worth it.
I think that after the Old Man of Storr – and other long walks during this road-trip – my husband would like to kill me at this point but I had a surprise for him when we finally reach the highest point of the hill: a can full of Brewdog Punk IPA.
So, after the hike, exhausted but happy, we enjoyed that delicious beer with an amazing view in front of us.
I think that it was absolutely a perfect ending of a perfect journey.
See you Scotland.
And Slainte Mhath!!!

Slainte Mhath!!!

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