2 days in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has been the last stop-over of our far and wide journey in Scotland. I immediately fell in love with this city as soon as I discovered that we were there during the very famous Fringe Festival: this is an international festival for street and circus artists, and it takes place in the meantime of the Edinburgh International Festival which is a well known theatrical festival that covers all the city during the month of August. The result of this mixture of actors, acrobats, musicians, dancers, artists is simply amazing: you can spend hours walking along the Royal Mile watching them during their free exhibition. I’ll tell you more about the Fringe Festival in a separate post, because I took so many pictures! So, let’s get into this beautiful and gothic city, which is full of charming and historical buildings to visit during the day, and amusing night life as well!
In following pictures you can find many of them: they are a must see in Edinburgh! First of all the castle, that dominates the city from the top of the hill. Then the Golden Mile, the Royal Mile, The Princes Street Gardens, The Greyfriars Cemetery – where people are used to go to have lunch or just read a book and stay relaxed – Calton Hill, Holyrood Palace… And Holyrood Park with Arthur’s Seat as well – my favorite spot of the city of course! You must have good and comfy shoes if you want to see it in a few days, and you have to walk a lot because there’s so much to see, but it is so enchanting to get lost and wandering in some dark alleys, or climb Arthur’s Seat to admire the city at its best before sunset.
And in the end, you are aware that two days aren’t enough.
Enjoy the pics!!!

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