Glasgow, The Necropolis and The Rosslyn Chapel

It’s been a long time since my last post about our summer 2015 journey in Scotland.
Then, where were we?
I suspended the story at Inveraray, when we were travelling from Islay to Glasgow.
Why Glasgow? Why we didn’t go to Edinburgh immediately?
Some people told me that Glasgow isn’t a place that doesn’t deserve a stop but we were so curious – and the hotels of Glasgow were pretty inexpensive in respect of the Edinburgh ones – so we decided to give to this city a chance. And we did well!!!
Our accomodation for the night, the Acorn Hotel, was clean, central and very quite; we spent a relaxing late afternoon walking along the brick red gothic and historical industrial buildings of Glasgow, we had dinner in a pub with a special cheap buy delicious combo menu, and then we had an expected evening in a wonderful whisky bar named Bon Accord. There we had the chance to admire – not to taste unfortunately! – the rare Port Ellen of Islay bottles of whisky, which distillery closed years ago and now their products are very expensive treasures for very rich collectors.
The next day we visited The Glasgow Necropolis – a victorian monumental cemetery that is placed on a low but very prominent hill that dominate part of the city and where many important people of Glasgow and Scotland were buried during past centuries. You know, I’m really addicted to old cemeteries and graveyard, and I can’t help but admire the peaceful and decadent beauty of a burial monument covered by ivy and climbing plants. I couldn’t loose a chance to visit this one as well.
Then we moved to Edinburgh and we visited the very famous Rosslyn Chapel before taking back our car to the rental service. Rosslyn Chapel was crowded by tourists so maybe we lost a little bit of her esoteric and mystical charm, but it was worth the visit, expecially for all those tiny and pagan sculptures and low relieves which decorate all the chapel.
I know, this is a very short post, but I’ll come back soon with more pictures and adventures about Edinburgh!

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