Autumn Addiction

I was born in November 24th so, in my humble opinion, autumn is the best season at all. I love mist, I love rain, I love the chilly temperature in the morning after a long hot summer. I love warm blankets and woolen sweaters. I love tangerines, hot soups, pumpkins, chestnuts, pomegranates and hot tea in the afternoon. I love all these colors – green, orange, yellow and red – and how nature changes every day approaching to winter time. I love wandering under the trees while leaves are falling. I love with all my heart and soul leaves when they’re changing and falling.
Every time is the same. Every time is different. I feel like I’m enjoying autumn for the first time in my life.
Usually I start observing the trees from the mid-late September, waiting for their leaves changing and I keep noticing them since they are completely gone.
Moreover, I’m really lucky because my office is placed in a huge park in a southern district of Milan, so I can appreciate the changing colors of many linden, liquidambar, horse chestnuts, sycamores, maple and oak trees day by day. And, of course, I can take many pictures of them.
Following pics have been taken by my mobile phone – and not by my Nikon camera as usual – but I think they’re quite pretty as well. Many of them are from Assago Milanofiori – where is placed my office – others are from Isola district and surrounding areas like Porta Garibaldi railway station – where I live – and two of them are from Stuttgart. One is dedicated to my mum, who likes so much to decorate her house in Tuscany with seasonal wreaths.
Just… Fall in love and celebrate Autumn! <3

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