Dunvegan Castle

Nevermind of the bad weather: you are in Scotland!
The second thing that I learned during this journey – the first was how to make a toast in gaelic: just say Slàinte mhòr!!! – is that you cannot control weather, you cannot even predict it, especially in Scotland. The beauty of this land is absolutely based on this concept: the unpredictability of light, air, temperature, humidity, sun, rain, clouds… Everything is spontaneous, everything is a surprise! A cloudy morning turns into a splendid and sunny noon, and it could turn rainy in the evening. The opposite is likely as well. Umbrella is useless too. Better to wear a waterproof jacket. That’s what happened during our second day in Skye. We woke up in the morning – the weather was gloomy and the temperature quite chilly – so we had a traditional scottish breakfast at our guesthouse – Glenhaultin B&B, the best of our journey – and we had so much fun looking through the window where a hare was having his meal too. Then we went to the Dunvegan Castle, the house of the very famous clan MacLeod. I immediately loved the family’s motto: Hold Fast. It reminds me one of my favorite songs of Mumford & Sons band: Hold me fast… Cause I’m a hopeless wanderer… It reflects me sometimes! So I decided that if I will have a family motto it will be something like: Keep calm and hold fast. Anyway, while visiting the Dunvegan castle I discovered that the women of this clan were always powerful and some of them had been the head of the clan too. The decision of making business restoring the castle and allowing people to visit it went from one of these strong and bold women. So, another point for MacLeod: you are the best! Another reason to visit this castle is the huge botanical garden outside – and I dare to say that this is more charming than the castle itself. The garden is full of well-finished flowerbeds and trees, with two small waterfalls and many paths through the greenery. But the most beautiful part is the Walled Garden that reminded me one of my favorite books: The Secret Garden. I admit it: I was forced to come out in order to continue our daily-plan… But I took a bunch of pictures of it!!! Pretty much predictable, isn’t it? XD

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