An t-Eilean Sgithanach

An t-Eilean Sgithanach is the scottish-gaelic word for Isle of Skye.
You can try to pronounce it correctly, obviously I can’t but I like to imagine how it sounds to, and in my mind it sounds impalpable and charming like a fairy spell.
Because Skye is pure magic and astonishment. You can’t describe this place with human words, you can only imagine – or remember if you had the chance to visit it.
Following pictures have been taken on the way from the Skye Bridge to Portree.
We stopped at Broadford village – where you can walk by the sea during low tide and visit a pictoresque vintage shop and a second-hand books library.
Then we drove beside Loch Ainort to admire the amazing, lunar, breathtaking landscape of this island. We stopped the car, and in front of the glen covered by heather and moss, the waterfall behind us and the loch not so far we suddendly fell in love with Skye for the first time.
All I wanted was to stay still for contemplating that perfect beauty.
Finally, Portree is a lovely and colorful fishermen town full of life during summertime.
No more words now.
Let’s enjoy Skye!!!

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