Stoneheaven + Dunnottar Castle

If you have the chance to travel through Aberdeenshire, you have absolutely to visit Dunnottar Castle near the pictoresque town of Stoneheaven. Dunnottar is a spectacular ruined fortress built on the top of the cliffs, which history intersects with Scotland chronicles since Middle Ages. There are many terrible tales about this castle, which had been a prison to death for the catholic rebels and suffered some sieges and fires during centuries. So visiting it during a perfect sunny morning of summer has been a unique and surreal experience: walking by the cliffs and between the castle’s ruins was so relaxing and inspiring, the perfect start of our Scottish drive with the best vibes. The morning light was stunning: some friends told me that the light in Scotland is different. It is true, and I hope to have catch that strong, brilliant, pure sunlight of the summer in my photos.
The ruins area was also surrounded by barley fields, which were shining like gold under the sun: I never imagined that cliffs by the sea could be a perfect place for cultivate something like wheat or barley… It was an amazing surprise!
After visiting the castle we went to Stoneheaven and we enjoyed the windy, sunny walk by the beach and the sea just like the local people were doing – someone was even having a bath at the beach, while kids were making sand constructions, friend were chatting and old men playing bowling on the brilliant green fields. Weather in Scotland is unpredictable, so you have to take advantage of the sun when it shows itself, even only for few hours! That’s the pure beauty of this land! There, at The Bay Fish & Chips, we ate the first – and the most delicious – traditional panfried haddock fillet with chips, coleslaw and tartare sauce. Fish & Chips, sun, wind, sea, seagulls… What else?

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