The City of Light – Amsterdam 2014

I took the following pictures almost one year ago, during a short, but intense, weekend in Amsterdam. I haven’t had time to select ad edit them since few days ago and finally I decided to publish a small post to celebrate my love to this amazing city.
I visited Amsterdam twice, in 2012 and 2014, both times during summer. This city in July and August has a crazy weather, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes deeply rainy… In the same single day! The results it’s an incredibly beautiful, northern, light that surrounds everything and that changes the view from vivid and colourful to a struggling 16th century painting in a short time.
You know, Amsterdam is “the city of sin” and many tourists are attracted only to coffee shops and the red district. But Amsterdam is more than weed and sex industry: it is a romantic city plenty full of museums, colourful house’s façades, canal mazes, cheerful food, flowers, seeds and vintage markets, and tiny alleys.
That’s why everybody should visit Amsterdam at least one time in life.
Or maybe twice ;)

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