East Market of Milan

We spent last Sunday noon at East Market, a special, colorful, and funny place in a popular north-eat area of Milan. There were a lot of stand of vintage, handmade, second-hand and alternative forniture, cloths, shoes, dresses, jewelry, glasses, shoes… Moreover the market took place in a formerly abandoned factory – or maybe a warehouse, I actually don’t know but I adore this kind of redeveloped spaces. It was amazing and quite similar to vintage markets seen in the northern part of Europe.
Meanwhile there was a food contest between five of the best burger restaurant of Milan.
We tasted three of them, they were so yummy… But nothing could be compared to Rockburger’s Food Truc!!!
After lunch we had a long walk up to the city center and… Did you know that you can find some roosters and chicken back to Lambrate railway station? Milan, you can always surprise me!!!

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