Hidden Milan

I think that sometimes, when you live in a city for a long, it’s quite easy to get used to see it, and to lost the attitude of looking at its streets, buildings, monuments with the enthusiastic eyes of a tourist. Maybe also the most beautiful city in the world could become boring for someone who lives there since many years, just because you think to know everything about it. But it’s so wrong. You may be surprised to realize that there are many things to discover, to admire and to be proud of. You only have to have a long walk, getting lost, wandering and enjoying this time, just like a common tourist usually does.
I moved from Tuscany to Milan in 2011. I quickly fell in love with this city. I had to move again for working reasons to Bologna from 2012 to 2013. In February 2014 I finally came back to Milan. After a year living there permanently I’m still falling in love with many aspects of this city, some of them are well known – like how much I love wandering along Navigli district looking for second-hand books, others are completely new for me. And every time it’s an exciting experience.
In particularly there are many part of Milan that aren’t well known to people who live here, especially me; there are many narrow alleys, hidden courtyards and gardens, abandoned buildings with climbing plants on their walls, fancy buildings with decorated façades and flowering balconies. These hidden corners of this heterogeneous and contradictory city seems to belong to another place, another city, another time… You didn’t expect all of that!
My husband – who lives in Milan since almost twenty years, but he has visited the famous Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio for the first time only few weeks ago – and I are developing the good and healthy habit to have a long walk during Sunday afternoon. Each time it’s like an adventure: we don’t know our final destination, we decide only where to start and then we improvise, with no maps, no time limit. We simply enjoy the amazing discover of our beloved Milan just like we’re starting to know and love her for the first time.

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