where the streets have no name

Stone Town is a charming city, where Swahili people lives side by side Islamic and Indian ones since centuries and this unique mixture create a melting pot of different races, religion, languages, colours, food tradition, architecture and culture. It is so easy to getting lost wandering through tiny alleys during the day, and the night too. The temperature is really hot, and the air is full of sweet, spicy, sometimes strong smells. Everywhere you can find pure beauty in this constant dissonance. So it is very easy to fall in love with its flamboyant and often abandoned architecture, the struggling muezzin’s sing at sunset, its colonial and controversial past history, the kids laughs near mosques and Islamic schools, the central market messy place where fishes, fruits, spices and vegetables are sell and put out for auction on the edge of traffic congested streets. Whatever you may like or not this kind of beauty you cannot be totally indifferent to it. I choose to absolutely love this place.

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