The Tide’s Dance

Sea tide is very common on Indian ocean islands: during our honeymoon we had the opportunity to admire the beautiful changing of the beach during the day, from highest tide to lower, and to lower to highest again in the same day. So I obviously spent a lot of beautiful time taking photos of the beach and the lagoon in front of our resort hotel. Sea tide is an amazing experience: the scenery changes so quickly, and it is never the same because the light, the sky is different day by day. Weather is really crazy in these tropical islands, so it’s very common to find cloudy and rainy weather in the morning, that changes into a sunny afternoon, and vice versa. Sometimes the turquoise seascape becomes a golden beach at noon that extends for miles and returns to be a brilliant lagoon in the afternoon. During the morning local people which live in the nearby villages walk along the newborn beaches for miles to reach other parts of the island or to collect some mussels and shellfishes for eating or sell them. The sea tide also allows the mangrove forest to growing… It seems like a circular, infinite dance that actually gives life to all the island.

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