what hanami means to me

Last days of cherry trees flowering in the park placed in front of my workplace.
Few days ago one of these trees – my favorite one – was completely covered of pink flowers; meanwhile the temperature was so warm and nice, the sun was shining and a pleasant breeze was blowing when thousands of pink, small, weightless petals started to fall down, moving softly and in the air, covering everything like evanescent snow.
That’s actually the real, pure, beauty of Hanami, the japanese name of flowering season during spring time: the awareness that the beauty is at its top only when is ready to start its decay.
Every year, I fell in love with the struggled and evanescent beauty of the flowering season.
Every spring, I feel like I’m having the opportunity to see this kind of beauty for the first time, and the last one at the same time.
The beauty, the meaning of our life, is in this moment: not yesterday, not tomorrow.
You are here now to admire and to love it.
Take a breath, fill up yourself with this beauty.
Let it go, like sakura petals in the air.
Nothing else really matters.

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