North of Serengeti

We travelled to Tanzania for visiting the National Parks during our honeymoon, less than four months ago. Safari trip was a huge and emotional experience: you spend all the day moving with your guides across the park, discovering and admiring wild life and infinite landscape, from sunrise to sundown. You stop only to have some rest and relaxing time in the late afternoon, staying for dinner and during the night in luxury lodges or tent camps placed inside the park, not so far where wild animals used to live, eat, maybe hunt other animals, and sleep. It’s like living Discovery Channel all day, with all senses; in each moment you can see a bunch of animals like elephants, lions, cheetas, leopards, zebras… And the nature surrounding you it’s simply perfect and pure, so immaculate, without signs of mankind. It’s unbelievable!

We travelled across Tarangire National Park, then through Ngorongoro National Reserve and Serengeti National Park. You can see some photos of these parks in my Portfolio.

Following pictures were taken during our forth day in Serengeti.

The road from Klein’s Camp to the north of Serengeti was simply stunning.
We left the lodge early in the morning and we took the road beside hills; we planned to reach the Mara river at noon, have lunch and to move to the boundary between Tanzania and Kenya during the afternoon.
The scenery we admired was amazing: after the rain of past two days the entire valley was completely covered of newborn green grass. We first met a young female lion, lying cozy in the bushes. We were so close to her, but she didn’t care about our jeep and our voices. Getting close and staring at her while she was enjoying a relaxing moment was a breathtaking experience.
After that we continue to move next to the green hills, leaving the huge Serengeti prairie behind us. The sky was so blue, and the hills so covered of green grass. It was so relaxing, driving and enjoying the scenery, while the mind was blowing away…

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